Looking to increase sales? Let us create a social shopping site for you on top of a rock-solid platform to give you the boost you need. With our SEO plan, your products will be on top of search results and your sales will be growing fast!

Social Sites

Be social! We integrate Facebook and other social platforms and create new intranet based social sites for our clients.

Info Sites

Want to get the word out about your business? Have a menu, recipe, brochure or something else that you would like to disseminate to the masses? We can create a well-designed, high-impact SEO site for you and your business.

About Us

We are a company focused on addressing the needs of small businesses. Let our expertise and experience help your business get off the ground or out of the gutter. While several firms can design web pages, we strive to do more than just digitize information. Our goal at BIT Consultants is to engage clients; increase market saturation, sales, and profit; sharpen marketing strategies; and most importantly to facilitate entrance into a new and growing market. We are dedicated to excellence in the products/services we offer, and in our business practices.