Deleted File Recovery

Deleted File Recovery

Deleted File Recovery

Browsing the interwebs this morning, I came across a great program that is made by the fine folks who made CCleaner (my favorite disk cleanup program). The program is called , and though it’s title is a bit uninspiring it has proven to be fairly awesome at file recovery. I put a couple of junk files in my recycle bin and emptied it than waited an hour or two while performing my normal routine. I ran the default scan on C: just to see what deleted files it would recover and was fairly shocked when it found around 2,000 items, some of which I had deleted 6 – 8 months ago. The better part, is that it actually recovered the files perfectly.

Some of the other benefits of this free program are:

  • Search by file type
  • Search specific drives
  • Hidden system files
  • Securely overwritten files
  • Zero byte files
  • It’s Free!

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