Fix Windows 7 Flash Crashing, Remote Desktop Issue

Fix Windows 7 Flash Crashing, Remote Desktop Issue

If you have upgraded to the 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 7, you may have noticed the following symptoms:

  • Flash crashes all browsers except 32 bit Internet Explorer
  • Remote Desktop stuck on “Configuring Remote Session”
  • Games requiring sound crash
  • Sound mixer hangs when you click on the volume control

This is caused by an unpublished incompatibility between Windows 7 and the IDT Sound driver utility. This can be removed by going to add/remove programs:

Start > Run > type: appwiz.cpl > select IDT Sound > Remove

Caveat: removing this driver utility can impair some functionality, but will still allow you to adjust audio settings through Windows. The driver should be available from your computer manufacturer’s website (you may want to confirm this by browsing the support section of their website).

One last thing, reinstalling IDT Audio seems to make it all work again; however, watching Flash video in non 32 bit IE browsers causes some serious CPU spikes along with audiodg. Pick your poison, I guess…

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32 Comments to “Fix Windows 7 Flash Crashing, Remote Desktop Issue”

  1. Oceanus says:

    I uninstalled IDT Audio, and even deleted the IDT folder, but the problem still remains. Eventually the flash crashes, and the Sound mixer still hangs when I click on the volume control.

    • Rob says:

      Did you reboot your computer after you uninstalled IDT? I have performed this fix 3 times and have not seen the problem remain, but there could be other factors at play. Please be sure that the STacSV service has been either removed or stopped by going to Start > Run > services.msc (or through the task manager). This seems to be where the real issues come into play as booting into safe mode (which stops non-essential services from running) should let you play Flash video with no problems.

      If you haven’t tried this already, reboot your computer into “Safe Mode with Networking” by repeatedly pressing F8 as the computer is booting. Connect to the internet once Windows has finished loading and go to youtube or another website with Flash video to see if it is working. If it does work, then your problem is likely the IDT audio driver, if it still does not work you may have a different problem (try uninstalling/reinstalling Flash).

  2. Oceanus says:

    I rebooted before noticing the problem continued.

    The STacSV service doesn’t exist.

    I know it has to do with IDT, because when I disable all its audio devices flash works fine without crashing. So I don’t need to go to safe mode to know it’ll work, since in safe mode I noticed there weren’t even any IDT playback devices listed.

    And, installing flash again has never worked.

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  4. newbie says:

    This worked for me. Thanks a lot for the tip. You can also uninstall IDT through the device manager if it isn’t in the programs list.

  5. Joseph says:

    I’ve tried doing run > appwiz cpl in windows 7 but get an error that appwiz does not exist

    • Rob says:

      Make sure you are typing appwiz.cpl (that’s appwiz(dot)cpl). If that doesn’t work, try:

      Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program, or as newbie has suggested you can remove it through the device manager.

  6. rey king says:

    So far, this is the only solution that has worked for me. After I removed the IDT file my sound was not working. I re-installed as suggested and it works fine now. Thus far, no crashes. Thanks!

  7. mads says:

    I have the same problem. Whenever I try to watch a video on Hulu or Facebook, use my webcam or use Skype, shockwave flash crashes. I have uninstalled IDT audio and still the problem persists. I do not have STacSV on my computer. Also, I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and when I had Vista I never experienced this problem. Please help! I can do almost nothing on the Internet and its extremely annoying

    • Rob says:

      You may want to try booting into safe mode to see if videos play okay. To do this, reboot your computer and repeatedly press the F8 key until it prompts you how you want to boot; select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Once your computer has loaded up, go to a site to watch a video (best if you pick one you were having problems with before). If it works, you are likely still experiencing a driver issue. I have found that Windows Update wants to “solve” this problem for me by either reinstalling the IDT driver or picking an incorrect driver.

      At this point, I have reinstalled IDT from my computer manufacturers website and it seems to be working okay, at least for the moment. I would suggest attempting to reinstall from your computer manufacturers website.

      Let me know if you are still having problems after trying these.

  8. mads says:

    Thanks for that tip. When I tried to reinstall the IDT Audio, it said that the hardware is not supported…? Sorry I’m not that great with computers but I really need this problem fixed!
    Thanks again for all your help so far

    • Rob says:

      Please answer the following so I can better assist: Which version of Windows 7 are you running, is it 32 or 64 bit and who is your computer manufacturer?

  9. mads says:

    It is the 64 bit and I have an HP

  10. sana says:

    hey, i don’t seem to have an IDT thing on my list?

  11. JenJen says:

    I’ve been trying to find a fix for this for a few months now and I did what you have suggested…here’s my problem now though-After I rebooted, it installed the IDT driver again all by itself immediately following start-up. I then, went in the try to find the driver to uninstall it again and it’s now where to be found! No where. Any ideas??
    Thanks for any help!

  12. Carlotta Desano says:

    Very nice article.. Thanks for sharing..

  13. really great website, highly recommend it and i will bookmark and come back. keep up the good work.

  14. Oceanus says:

    I uninstalled it so it should work now. But I realize I can’t use headphones now which doesn’t solve my problem. I don’t even know how to reinstall IDT besides System Restoring maybe.

    • Rob says:

      Yeah, every manufacturer has implemented the driver in different ways; I lost the integration of my touch audio controls (though they still work). It’s hard to go with a headphone port. You should be able to find the driver at your computer manufacturer’s website. The easiest thing to do is search your computer manufacturer model plus the word “drivers”. For instance, I search “HP dv4-1123us drivers” and the first result was HP’s driver page for my computer. is a link to the IDT driver for my laptop.

      If you have problems finding it, let me know. As I stated in the post; I have since reinstalled the driver and have experienced no subsequent issues.

  15. Jenell Reial says:

    Thx for this great information that you are shareing with us

  16. john says:

    is this tip can be use for a desktop?hope to get the answer ASAP..

    thank you.

  17. Steven says:

    Hi Rob,

    I’m using a compaq laptop with a conexant sound card and am having the same problem re/; crash of shockwave. Should I uninstall this and then reinstall it?



    • Rob says:

      Hi Steven,

      I am not sure about the conexant sound card; however, if you are experience the same issues as others, it could very likely be the problem. If you have the software to reinstall, there isn’t much harm you could do by testing this. My opinion… go for it. Let us know if it works!


  18. Andy says:

    Error Message: Message “Shockwave Flash plugin crashes” appearing in the yellow stripe.

    Please help me, it just keep crashing.

    I use Chrome, window 7, 32 bit. I’m in desperate right now :(

    Please answer me as soon as you can, if there is anything I can do about this problem. I’m really angry, because it just happen to me few days ago and I have no idea why. I love Chrome and I don’t want anything happen to it now. I can’t take this anymore…..

    Thanks in advance

    • Rob says:

      Hi Andy,

      If you have tried the instructions from my post and aren’t having any luck, I would:
      -uninstall flash and reinstall
      -if that doesn’t work, unstall chrome and reinstall

      If neither of those work, post back and i can make some further suggestions

      Good luck!


  19. OppfinnarJocke says:

    So you are advising us to disable our audio card to fix an Adobe/Flash problem?
    This is so preposterous I do not have words…
    Those Adobe people issue stupid updates that break existing functionality all the time.
    I don’t have time nor want to uninstall/reinstall apps on my computer just because those Adobe people cannot program worth lick…

    • Rob says:

      I am not advising anyone to disable their sound cards. In fact, I only know of one person out of the thousands of people who view this page every month that expierenced that. Not trying to defend Adobe here, it’s been long enough to issue a fix. The most common impediment this fix causes is some extended hardware integration to not work (such as the lighting on hp’s touch audio controls, though the buttons still function fine).

  20. T Jones says:

    I found this solution–Optimizing Your Network Adapter for High Audio/Video Traffic–For many deployments, you can use the default settings on your network adapter; however, in the following situations, you should optimize for audio/video traffic flow by increasing receive and transmit buffers settings to three times their default value on your network adapters .aspx

    In combination with increasing cache, uninstall/reinstall flash, right clicking problem video for setting on adobe and unchecking accelerate hardware.

    I don’t which one solved the problem.

  21. Grace says:

    Hi there Rob, thanks for your article, i think i may be experiencing similar problems with Chrome in windows Vista, and as well as the flash/shockwave crashes I now have no sound on my computer. Is this possible? and how would one go about fixing this issue in Vista if this turns out to be the case?

    Thanks for your time,

  22. marie says:

    HI everyone!
    I also have a problem … my computer does crash memory after a while , whenever i open video applications, even when i open windows games.
    I had format my computer few days ago and here we go again… I used mozilla firefox but because it conflicts with IE now I use Google chrome.
    What do you suggest for me to do?