Word 2007 – wwlib.dll crash

Word 2007 – wwlib.dll crash

A recent security patch to Microsoft Office (explained here < ) has caused some fairly severe problems with Word 2007. The most notable behavior is loss of ability to right-click, paste, and crash on exit. Examining the Event log will point to wwlib.dll, a file that was the focus of the update. If someone needs to use a file immediately, they can do the following:

* Navigate to Start > Run and type either:
* winword /a [<= this is without add-ins]
* winword /safe [<= safe mode, limited functionality]

This problem can be resolved in the following way:

* Close Word (if open)
* Open registry editor
* Navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word
* Rename the “Data” string (the folder) to Data2

Word can now be started normally.

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