Fix issues installing new graphics cards in Windows 8

Fix issues installing new graphics cards in Windows 8

So you got your shiny new graphics card for your Windows 8 machine but can’t get it to work?

There is a secure boot feature in the Windows 8 BIOS that could be interfering with the installation of your graphics cards. From windows website:

[Secure or "Trusted" Boot is] a new security feature in Windows 8 that leverages the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to block the loading and operation of any program or driver that has not been signed by an OS-provided key, and thus protects the integrity of the kernel, system files, boot-critical drivers, and even antimalware software.

Boot into the BIOS (typically pressing F2 when the computer is first booting), find and disable the secure boot feature and set it to “legacy boot” or “legacy support” and the card should detect and run fine.

Video Walkthrough:

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