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Fix issues installing new graphics cards in Windows 8

So you got your shiny new graphics card for your Windows 8 machine but can't get it to work?There is a secure boot feature in the Windows 8 BIOS that could be interfering with the installation of your graphics cards. From windows website:a new security feature in Windows 8 that leverages the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) to block the loading and operation of any program or driver Read More

Prevent music getting quiet when the app is not “active” in Windows 8

If you are having an issue where the music volume decreases significantly when you exit the app, this may resolve your issue:Right click on speaker icon in system tray, select Sounds Under communications tab, select "Do Nothing" when windows detects communications activityApps like Skype and Steam are likely the culprit as they both support voice chat.

[FIX] local music not showing up in Xbox music app

If you upgraded to Windows 8 and are using the Xbox music app, you may experience an issue where local music does not show up. This is most likely caused by your "old" (pre-upgrade) libraries not being included in Windows 8's search index.To fix this issue, go to search settings (Win-W hotkey) and type "indexing options", then browse to the top of your music folder and add it to the Read More

Prevent Windows 8 from Auto-Restarting on Update

Here is a quick fix to prevent Windows 8 from not restarting your computer automatically when it updates, download and run the following registry file:Download and run meContents of the registry file:"NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers"=dword:00000001Once you have successfully installed this file into your registry, reboot your computer and you should be free from rogue rebooting.As usual, a warning that changing your registry can have adverse affects; we are not responsible for anything that Read More

Running jQuery in Windows 8 apps

I wrote a jQuery wrapper for the native WinJS library that is both light-weight and fast.Read the full article here:

Home Sharing Broken in iTunes 10.5.3 (fixed)

After I updated to iTunes 10.5.3, I noticed that home sharing did not work at all. I took all of the steps at Apple's support article ( to no avail. Ultimately, I figured out that the problem is with 10.5.3 itself. Here is how to get Home Sharing working again: //Download iTunes 10.5.2 here: 32 bit: 64 bit: on "Start" or the Windows Orb (depending on which version of Read More

Fixed: Windows 7 Explorer.exe Server Execution Failed

This error message can occur for the following reasons:Your Documents Library is pointed to an external drive which is disconnected The registry entries dictating where your Shell and User Shell folders has been changedIf your libraries are pointed to an external drive, plug it in or turn it on to resolve the issue. Otherwise... The easy way: Click on Libraries Right-click on Documents and select "Properties" from the menu Click on the Restore Defaults button Read More

Javascript Querystring Parameters

Hi all, just wrote up a javascript object to parse url parameters. You can take parameters out of the querystring or the url hash.Usage//assuming; //returns //return /index/?foo=bar&baz=baa#test=trueurl.get('foo'); //returns 'bar'url.get('test'); //returns trueScriptvar url = (function(){ var _href = location.href; var _path = location.pathname; var _qs =\?/, ''); var _hash = location.hash.replace(/\#/, ''); var _parse = function(string){ var params = string.split('&'); var holder = ; for(var i = 0; i < params.length; i++){ var temp = params.split('='); var key = temp; var val = Read More

XAMPP ulimit error on Mac OSX

If you are running XAMPP on Mac and can't start apache, you are likely getting an unhelpful error message. If the message is blank, it could be because one of your local websites doesn't have a logs folder; it could also be a hostname issue. If you are getting an error regarding ulimit and have tried the other fix on the web (commenting out the three lines related to ulimit Read More

Simplified Interface to HTML5 local storage

Documentation & Sandbox: Cart example: decided it was time to dive into the HTML5 local storage API the other night, knowing that it has a lot of potential. There are a few problems inherent to using it, the biggest problem being lack of support in older browsers (and to a lesser degree that it is not implemented exactly the same across browsers). The other major problem I have Read More