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Fighting Difficult Viruses

Fighting Difficult Viruses

Let's face fact, most commercial AV publishers can't get everything. They do a good job keeping known viruses off your system by scanning for the existence of certain files (not checking content), certain registry entries or running processes/services. So how do you get rid of a virus that your AV vendor doesn't know about? Here are the tactics I use, with a high rate of success. Please not that the Read More

Malware Appears on New York Times Homepage

Malware Appears on New York Times Homepage I have already seen this trojan three times in the past week, it is called "Windows Police Pro". To remove it perform the following actions (appx. 20 minutes): Turn off System Restore Ctrl Alt Delete - end task Windows Police Pro.exe, also svchast.exe or svchasts.exe if they are running o If you can't open task manager, run FixExe.reg Navigate to the Windows Police Pro folder within program files and delete the entire Read More

Top 5 Ways to Secure Windows

Though there are many tools to help you get rid of virus, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are our top 5 ways to keep your computer free of viruses. 1. Use a Firewall Comodo Firewall is a great firewall and is completely free. Firewalls prevent unauthorized network access from malicious users trying to gain access to your computer. 2. Install Windows Updates A good portion of the viruses Read More