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Pros and Cons of Being a Computer Nerd

Frankly speaking, people don’t like it when someone stands out from the crowd at the expense of their knowledge. Usually, such individuals are like black sheep. And it is a pretty common situation when it comes to programmers or guys who are good with computers. Others come up with numerous stories about them, so their image is surrounded by many stereotypes, and they can even get a special moniker – nerd. However, you are unlikely to run into stereotypical nerds often, and in most cases, it will be ordinary guys who enjoy studying, don’t have trouble with a computer, and are interested in the IT technologies. They will hardly use a paper writing site unlike other students, but the chances are high that they can be asked to do someone’s assignments. So, what are their main advantages and drawbacks? And whether it is worth joining their ranks and getting such a title?


Let’s start with the positive aspects of being a computer nerd.

1. They have better knowledge in computer science

Unlike many other people, these guys like to study and enjoy the process. They can spend hours working on a subject without feeling bored. Thus, their knowledge is much stronger, and they are more competitive in the labor market. If their soft skills are developed enough, then their chances to get a perfect job offer is much higher. An employer will hardly be interested in the level of your popularity in college or the number of your girlfriends. If you want to succeed, you should be better than others in dealing with tasks.

2. They are good at dealing with complex topics and theories

“I am ready to ask someone to write my essay” is not about you because you can do everything yourself. You are not afraid of challenges, and moreover, you like to challenge yourself because you become better every time when you find a way to solve the problem. Thus, the chances are high that you will climb a career ladder pretty fast because you will show yourself as a valuable employee who can deal with complex tasks and theories. Everyone knows that IT specialists get competitive salaries, especially when it comes to web developers. Thus, if you like your occupation, then you will constantly develop as a specialist. One day you may hire those who called you a nerd back in days.

3. They can change their image

If schoolmates call you a nerd, it doesn’t mean that you will look like one all the time. Yes, you are hardly the most popular person in college or school because you prefer a computer instead of participating in active sports and bullying weaker ones. However, when you grow up and get a great position, you can change your image completely. The money will bring you freedom and provide you with a chance to live the coolest life if you want to, of course.


So, what are the main drawbacks of being a nerd?

1. They are called unpleasant nicknames

People can bull others who are too different, so you can be called in different unpleasant and offensive ways while studying at school or college. Of course, it is a temporary thing, but it can affect your self-esteem and bring many issues.

2. They are not very sociable

We live in society, so we have to communicate with others all the time. If you dwell on your computer, you can face difficulties with personal interaction. However, well-developed soft skills will be of great importance as well when the time comes to get a job.