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Prevent music getting quiet when the app is not “active” in Windows 8

If you are having an issue where the music volume decreases significantly when you exit the app, this may resolve your issue:Right click on speaker icon in system tray, select Sounds Under communications tab, select "Do Nothing" when windows detects communications activityApps like Skype and Steam are likely the culprit as they both support voice chat.

[FIX] local music not showing up in Xbox music app

If you upgraded to Windows 8 and are using the Xbox music app, you may experience an issue where local music does not show up. This is most likely caused by your "old" (pre-upgrade) libraries not being included in Windows 8's search index.To fix this issue, go to search settings (Win-W hotkey) and type "indexing Read More

Prevent Windows 8 from Auto-Restarting on Update

Here is a quick fix to prevent Windows 8 from not restarting your computer automatically when it updates, download and run the following registry file:Download and run meContents of the registry file:"NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers"=dword:00000001Once you have successfully installed this file into your registry, reboot your computer and you should be free from rogue rebooting.As usual, a warning Read More