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End users need confidence that they can communicate effectively, even in the most austere environments. Because these industry professionals typically operate in challenging areas, it can be difficult to maintain the connectivity so essential to their work. In many cases, terrestrial networks simply don’t exist in these locations. That’s where Intelsat’s global mobile satellite communications services save the day. Our unique award-winning solutions provide a simple, cost-effective way to deliver ubiquitous, high-throughput connectivity on demand.

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Connectivity on the move across land, air and sea

Mobile and Portable Connectivity Solutions

Intelsat FlexMove is the fully managed connectivity solution that increases the reach, reliability, and redundancy of terrestrial networks while enabling a new generation of land mobility services for a range of different industries.

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Mining operations require uninterrupted connectivity to seamlessly move through production stages, from early exploration to extraction. Because mines are often located in the farthest reaches of the Earth, it can be difficult to access robust network services that provide adequate connectivity. Intelsat’s reliable land mobile services and solutions give miners and mining companies the tools they need to view key data points in real time, track trucks and excavators, monitor the area for safety hazards, and communicate with their teams.

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A reliable transportation system is in high demand as our world continues to evolve through digital transformation. That’s why it’s critical for cargo and freight trains to have access to a dependable connectivity network that moves wherever they travel. Intelsat’s global mobile satellite communications services offer robust, high-throughput connectivity that rail companies worldwide can rely on. Enabling advanced predictive maintenance, fleet and route optimization and autonomous vehicle operation, these solutions allow rail companies to operate safely and more efficiently.

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Oil & Gas

Drilling operations count on uninterrupted lines of communication between field operators and their headquarters to run smoothly and successfully. Intelsat’s land mobile connectivity solutions eliminate the fear of interrupted data analytics and lost productivity, providing users with the technology infrastructure needed to explore uncharted territory, monitor site security, manage extraction missions, and more, no matter how hostile or harsh the environment.

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First Responders and Humanitarian Aid

In the event of a catastrophe, like a natural or manmade disaster, first responders and humanitarian aid workers need easy-to-deploy connectivity to carry out mission-critical operations. When traditional communications infrastructure like cell phone towers are destroyed during disasters, Intelsat’s land mobile services provide the always-available connectivity to keep communication channels intact. With access to secure and reliable internet, first responders and humanitarian aid organizations remain prepared and responsive against the challenging scenarios they regularly face.

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Global Government and NGOs

Response teams working in remote and hostile locations can trust Intelsat to deliver dependable, high-speed connectivity in just minutes—from any location around the world. Offering connection speeds up to 20 times faster than legacy Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) solutions, Intelsat’s land mobile services are ideal for recurring users or those who may need to deploy occasionally at a moment’s notice.

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Trucking, Goods and Materials Transport

Transportation fleets need access to constant, high-speed connectivity wherever they roam to ensure that goods and materials arrive at their destinations transparently, safely and on time. Intelsat’s satellite-based connectivity services reach the remote roads and highways that land-based network services can’t. Whether you are a driver needing internet for semi trucks or operations managers wanting real-time monitoring services to track your fleets, our solutions keep trucks connected anywhere.

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