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Across the maritime industry, leading companies are finding innovative ways to optimize their operations and improve the passenger experience. With Intelsat’s maritime satellite communications solutions, ship operators can incorporate advanced, high-bandwidth applications into their operations at sea to stay connected with those onshore.

Whether you build and maintain your own network and simply require broadband coverage and capacity, or you’re looking for a fully managed solution, Intelsat can support your unique requirements. With a fleet of more than 50 satellites enabling global, reliable connectivity, Intelsat is the market leader in VSAT services. Our multi-layered Ku-band network seamlessly integrates high-throughput satellite (HTS) spot beams that deliver bandwidth density to high-traffic maritime routes, with wide beam capacity for added resiliency and redundancy. Get satellite coverage anywhere, anytime with Intelsat’s industry-leading maritime solutions.

Stay connected with FlexMaritime

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FlexMaritime is a global, multi-layered high-throughput satellite service that delivers high-speed, secure, and reliable connectivity anywhere it’s needed at sea. Whether enabling productivity improvements through remote diagnostics of ship performance or boosting crew morale through faster web browsing, FlexMaritime keeps ships connected — no matter where or when.

Connectivity on the move across land, air and sea

Merchant Ships

Intelsat provides internet services for merchant ships to effectively integrate with onshore operations, improve voyage planning and optimize fuel consumption by monitoring ever changing weather conditions and traffic patterns. Our Ku-band, HTS enable merchant vessels to leverage 24-hour location tracking, remote diagnostics, software upgrades, management of cargo, and other cloud-based IoT applications to improve offshore operations. Connectivity also enhances crew welfare providing faster web browsing, telemedicine, training, streaming video, and video chat capabilities to stay connected with loved ones onshore.

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Leisure & Superyacht

Crew members and passengers expect to receive the same reliable connectivity available on land. With the most robust satellite connectivity network in service, Intelsat offers reliable internet access for everyone, every device onboard from IoT applications and 24-hour location and weather tracking, to video streaming and web browsing.

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Passenger Ships

Passenger and cruise ship operators are focused on providing an excellent customer experience for those onboard. And as bandwidth consumption increases, stable internet service is no longer a luxury — it’s a necessity. With Intelsat global, Ku-band, HTS connectivity solutions, cruise operators provide guests onboard with mobile internet access needed for streaming, video, web browsing and social media. In fact, 90% of the connectivity services available for cruise passengers and crew rely on maritime satellite communications, making high-speed connectivity more vital than ever.

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Fishing vessels not only have schedules to keep and requirements to comply with country-specific market regulations, but they must also meet safety regulations to ensure the welfare of the crew onboard. To automate and optimize operations, fishing vessels are relying on maritime VSAT providers to obtain reliable connectivity. Intelsat gives these ships the reliable broadband they need to support cloud-based, mission-critical applications to improve operations.

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Offshore Rigs

Oil rigs need access to reliable, secure connectivity to operate with greater efficiency offshore and stay in contact with onshore operations. Intelsat offers the only connectivity solution that leverages the strength and redundancy of a global, multi-layered Ku-band satellite network to provide high-speed maritime communications for offshore rigs. Rig operators can leverage Intelsat’s maritime satellite solutions to support mission-critical applications for offshore platforms, vessel operations and maintenance, integrate with onshore operations for real-time data management. HTS connectivity also enables crew to stay in touch with friends and family, and. offshore rigs to comply with regulatory requirements.

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Broadband connectivity for government maritime communications, from fully managed services for coastal defense and emergency responders, to custom designed global ship-to-shore networks, is critical to keeping defense teams connected both onshore and off. Intelsat General’s robust maritime satellite communications solutions have been designed to support the demands of even the most complex mobility applications.

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