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As mobile device data consumption soars, consistent, highly-available internet service is critical for an optimal flight experience. Intelsat conducted an Inflight Connectivity (IFC) survey asking airlines and service providers what they believe the future of IFC will look like and found that:

predict an increase in inflight passengers who expect to be connected
predict an increased demand for remote, work based applications
anticipate an increased appetite for cabin crew applications for passenger engagement

With Intelsat’s fleet of 50+ satellites worldwide, airline customers can stay connected wherever, whenever. Our high-throughput satellite (HTS) network guarantees the throughput needed for streaming, sending and receiving large files—even video conferencing. Plus, layers of redundant capacity ensure consistent coverage throughout flights, even along the most congested routes.

Whether you need pure broadband coverage and capacity, or you’re looking for a fully managed solution, our aviation solutions can support all of your aircraft connectivity requirements.


5 myths of airline connectivity

Air travel is in for major changes as high speed satellite broadband enhances operational efficiencies and passenger loyalty. Be aware of these common myths to future proof your connectivity decisions and set you on a progressive path into the future.

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Simplify inflight connectivity for airlines and passengers

Commercial Aviation

When it comes to inflight connectivity airlines around the world must solve a host of complex business challenges such as responding to the increasing demand for reliable wifi, delivering a better passenger experience, and implementing future-proof connectivity solutions.

With its acquisition of Gogo’s Commercial Aviation division, Intelsat became the world’s leading inflight internet provider for the commercial aviation industry. Rely on Intelsat for seamless, inflight connectivity wherever you fly and find out how our commercial aircraft connectivity solutions help keep passengers safe, secure, and satisfied. Managed services include inflight experiences, onboard systems, connected aircraft services (CAS), and operational support.

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Business Jet Connectivity

Business jet passengers expect reliable, secure, first-class inflight connectivity whenever they travel—whether making critical, real-time business decisions or keeping close to what matters most in their personal lives.

Intelsat FlexExec is a global, high-throughput satellite (HTS) service designed to maintain connectivity no matter where you fly. Built on layers of redundant coverage, travelers can expect consistent private jet wifi without buffering on any and every device. Capacity is committed to deliver business aviation connectivity and isn’t shared across other verticals like commercial aero and consumer broadband.

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Government Aeronautical Connectivity

In the air, the need for accurate intelligence, real-time situational awareness, and seamless command, control, and communications is vital to government teams. When moments matter, resilient, high-speed connectivity makes the difference.

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Aero Capacity

With 80% of flight hours occurring in less than 20% of the world’s geography, other satellite operators who offer uniformly distributed, single-layered coverage won’t meet aircraft connectivity needs.

The power and redundancy of the Intelsat network ensures a reliable and uninterrupted passenger experience that fuels brand loyalty for airlines as demand for inflight connectivity increases. We enable inflight internet providers to deliver connectivity the way it should be, from anywhere in the world.

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Whether streaming the latest movie, sending an email, or staying it touch with what matters most, the Intelsat network provides consistent, on-demand aviation connectivity for all passengers. Learn more about our inflight connectivity solutions for commercial aviation, business travel, and government.