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Our one-of-a-kind customer service engineering team has created tools that allow our customers to get the most out of their connectivity solutions.

Sun Interference Calculator

Use our Sun Interference Calculator to calculate predicted interference times based on satellite, antenna location, and frequency band.

Keplerian Data

Look through weekly updates on each of our satellites with the Keplerian Data tool.

Ephemeris Data

Track the weekly locations of our satellites through the Ephemeris Data tool.

Satellite Basics

Learn the satellite basics with our satellite basics breakdown covering topics such as eclipse season, digital compression and space weather.

Satellite Configuration & Technical Information

Detailed information on beacons and configurations for payloads and transponders for each active satellite can be found on MyIntelsat.

Intelsat Earth Station Standards

The Intelsat Earth Station Standards outline the performance characteristics and specifications required of all earth stations communicating with our satellites, plus other modulation and access technique information.

Customer Login

MyIntelsat – the Intelsat’s customer portal, the Intelsat Service Management portal for Flex products, and the Intelsat General Service Management portal, provide you with a view into your services and the ability to manage your mobile network.”

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