Customer Challenge

In communities where Hurricane Ian rendered cellular networks unavailable, satellite connectivity was crucial in arming first responders with a data and communications solution to support the deployment of essential personnel and mission critical resources. Without satellite communications, surrounding communities risk losing internet, voice calling capabilities, and access to life saving and property protection when a hurricane strikes. Help.NGO required reliable and ready-to-use internet connectivity to mitigate these risks, supporting essential disaster response operations and connecting residents affected by Hurricane Ian to friends and family.

How We Helped

Mission critical applications unlocked quickly through the power of partnerships

Help.NGO was able to establish connectivity within minutes in the affected Fort Myers area using Intelsat’s FlexMove network and portable Starwin terminals. In leveraging the fully integrated broadband solution, first responders and essential personnel leading relief and rescue operations on the ground were able to quickly setup and deploy high speed internet to manage fuel delivery operations, view high-resolution maps, and utilize data applications. Help.NGO also used our services to extend internet access to residents of affected communities, enabling them to stay connected with loved ones and begin mending the personal damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

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Intelsat’s multi-layered, high-throughput satellite (HTS) network combined with the portable Starwin terminals ultimately enabled HELP.NGO to quickly deploy disaster response operations and maintain reliable connectivity across a wide range of disaster sites as they set up fixed VSAT equipment.

Starwin uSat terminals are fully integrated, cost-effectively portable antennas allowing for rapid deployment and delivery of data speeds up to 10 x 3 Mbps. With their software-defined technology, these lightweight Starwin terminals can easily be transported and operated by anyone, anywhere. The terminals are supported by the ST Engineering iDirect iQ modem, a future-proof model built on software-defined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion.


With Intelsat’s FlexMove, NGOs all around the world can quickly deploy to a disaster zone and have immediate access to reliable, ready-to-use, high-speed connectivity. From connected mobility solutions for vehicles to portable connectivity solutions for temporary network access in a fixed location, Intelsat and partners have a range of services to meet connectivity needs in a disaster zone.

FlexMove makes satellite connectivity simple. Users can establish an internet connection within minutes with minimal technical training required. As an end-to-end managed service, the solution is ideal for emergency teams that need to respond at a moment’s notice. By decreasing network setup and knock-down time, NGOs, public safety organizations, and emergency response teams around the world can focus on what matters most during a crisis – saving lives.

No-Fail Connectivity. No Exceptions

  • Reliable data, voice, and video transfer in areas lacking terrestrial network access
  • 99.95% proven network uptime, even in the most hard-to-reach locations
  • Redundant and survivable solutions for mission-critical, data-intense applications
  • Unthrottled, seamless internet experience for every application, every device

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